Christmas gift ideas for motoring enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts

A car lover’s relationship with their vehicle is special, with commuters spending ever increasing periods with their car it’s unsurprising they develop a bond. Here is our list of gifts perfect for Car enthusiasts.

Road Angel

We all know a driver with a lead foot, although speeding is extremely dangerous and isn’t advised under any circumstances, it’s an inevitability nonetheless. Therefore, to keep them free from a mountain of fines and penalty points a Road Angel could be a very wise investment. The main purpose of this dash based gadget is to alert drivers of upcoming fixed or mobile speed camera units; it also detects changes in speed limits and alerts the driver accordingly. The sleek design fits in effortlessly with the natural ergonomics of their dashboard.

The Revell visible v8 engine model kit

When it comes to car engines little is more pleasing to the ear than a v8 rumble, synonymous with American muscle. Give your fanatic a gift they’d really like to receive this Christmas. The Revell visible v8 engine model kit allows them to build their own engine piece by piece. A perfect conversation starter or procrastination excuse.

Dash Cam

With more cars on the road an increased number of collisions is inevitable. Therefore, motorists need a way to protect themselves from hit and run drivers as well as ‘no blame’ crashes. A dash cam not only gives them invaluable evidence in the event of a collision but insurance companies are now offering reduced premiums if a dash cam is installed; a win win scenario.

The Meguiar’s Bucket Wash & Wheel Kit

The Meguiar’s Bucket Wash & Wheel Kit is an excellent gift for novice and self-proclaimed expert cleaners alike. Keeping a vehicle clean and presentable is not only a statement on the road but also protects the car from harmful materials that may damage the paintwork. It features some of the best-selling products as well as the basic but crucial grit guard bucket. This set will go down a treat with any petrol head or car specialist.

The Man and Le Mans

Steve McQueen is a legend in the motoring world. His anti-hero persona and ability to perform his own stunts made him one of the most loved actors at the peak of counterculture in the 60’s. The documentary ‘The Man and Le Mans’ takes a look at why the movie Le Mans failed and some exclusive interviews and archive footage of McQueen’s closest friends and colleagues. Additionally, featured are some of the more personal aspects that McQueen was facing at the time, such as his failing marriage and discovering he was on Charles Manson’s hit list.

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