Dress for Road Trip Success


road trip tips

When you’re prepping for a road trip it’s all about the destination and the things you’ll see along the way. While there’s not many things better than traveling¬† in a new car, it pays to keep in mind you’re only as safe as the next driver on the road or a mechanical malfunction. No matter where you go or how far you wander, you should keep your vehicle stocked with some standard items in case you run into a problem. Here are some tips on what you should keep in your car trunk in case the unexpected occurs:

Safety items: if your car breaks down and your phone doesn’t work you’ll need to rough it. Always carry jumper cables, a can of tire inflator, and some basic tools such as screwdrivers. Make sure your spare tire is inflated and know how to change it. Keep flares in your kit so you can get the attention of other motorists if you’re stranded.

Personal comfort: keep some energy bars and water in your kit, as well as a jacket and a pair of comfortable shoes. If you have enough room add a blanket, and if you’re in a cold climate add a warm coat, boots, hats, and gloves. For warmer climes add extra water and insect repellent to your cache.

First aid: a basic first aid kit will work for most situations. Add extra bandages, water, antiseptic, and other supplies if you’re going on an extended trip.

Communication: you may think of your phone as a lifeline, but picture yourself in an emergency situation without it. Battery life, poor reception, and dead zones may interfere with communication while you’re on the road so be prepared. Keep a backup power supply in case your battery dies and you can’t charge it. A white towel is the international signal for distress, so add one to your emergency kit. It’s also a good idea to add a list of contact names and numbers so if your personal phone is gone you can still call for help once you get to a working phone line.

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