Honda Civic Mugen Type R

Honda Civic Mugen

Honda are famed for their fast cars, the civic has always been a legend in the hot hatch scene and the NSX is one of the godfathers in the supercar world; their upmost belief is cars should make sense. If they wanted to, they could fit huge 22 inch wheels to the NSX, it’d gain attention but it wouldn’t make it a better car. This is shown in the Civic too, a smart 2.0 litre engine utilising their polished VTEC system and a very good driving dynamic thanks to the excellent chassis and suspension set up.

This Mugen civic then, puts a twist on the mantra of Honda, the engine has been tuned excellently, the suspension has been firmed up (perhaps too much), however the exterior styling looks like a 10-year-old has been left with an online car configurator. Its excessive body kit and huge exhausts do little in the case of discreetness. The car feels like a bespoke track weapon now, huge disc brakes show no sign of wearing, even on the heaviest run on a track day.There’s also an optional track pack for the car with a deleted rear bench, huge Recaro bucket seats and a track timer.

Is £38,599 too much for the Civic then? It completely depends on how you look at it, on one hand it’s an uncomfortable, flashy petrol guzzler that’s going to burn a hole in your pocket and attract the wrong kind of attention. On the other hand, you’d be buying one of 20 cars, with a very impressive racing set up and buckets of curb appeal. In the future this could be a collector’s dream. It’s a marmite car then, you either love its hardcore approach or you’d do anything to avoid its bone rattling nature.

As a track day tool, the Mugen is great, by going the whole hog and stripping the excess weight and swapping in the lightweight panels, these additions will take the price over £50,000, makes the car feel even sharper. Mugen missed a trick by not testing the suspension on UK roads, if they’d done that it would have been one of the best hot hatches to hit the UK. On the other hand, The Renault R26R was a stripped out hardcore hatch, much like the Civic, albeit, the Civic did keep its radio…  However, the Megane cost £16,000 less than the standard Mugen and Renault still couldn’t shift them all.

Rich from Southern Commercial Sales said, ‘This Honda is ludicrous! It’s a shame that the ride is so harsh as it gives collectors an excuse to lock these beats up in a garage as an investment, imagine having all of that potential just sat there…’

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