Simple marketing tips for a small business

marketing tips for a small business

Getting your business out there isn’t always an easy task, even if you’ve conquered the local area stepping up and pushing further afield Is easier said than done. A marketing strategy tailored to your business is the perfect way to expand your business and customer range. This includes everything from your product to how you get your name out there, marketing is the only way for a new business to gain the cult following Apple and other companies possess.

#1. Give your product away

Although this sounds counterproductive, it really works. This is especially effective at conventions and large gatherings. By letting someone who’s never heard of your product before sample it, you’re opening your market up to them and their connections. This could lead to a few extra customers or even businesses in a new area stocking your items.

#2. Sponsor an organisation

The cost of sponsoring a local company or team is often cheaper than you might think, especially when you consider the exposure your brand can receive. Your name will be published on their newsletters, emails and any other correspondence with their associates and partners or participants. People are always fond of the company that sponsors their favourite organisations!

#3. Add a personal touch

It’s becoming increasingly unlikely that you’ll be the only person offering your product or service in the market so it’s crucial to stand out. By phoning your clients or even meeting them face to face lets them see you’re willing to put time aside for them and that you care about your product and company. This personal touch makes them feel less like a source of money for you and more like a valued partner.

#4. Logistics are vital

You can no longer just offer a product or service. The delivery is now crucial too. If the customer’s item arrives late, damaged or broken then they’re unlikely to return to or recommend your business. If you’re providing a service at their home a clean and presentable vehicle is also key; this is an early connation of your business and the service you provide. Consumers have been spoilt with the service from multinational companies like Apple and Amazon and expect their product instantly and an intuitive experience throughout.

By following these tips, you will grow within your industry, a good example of this is Ashington Autos who with these tips grew to be a big name within the Automotive Industry

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