Three Interesting Green Methods to Wash Your Car

Green Methods to Wash Your Car

If you are trying to be more eco-friendly you should be using eco-friendly methods to wash your car. Here are some DIY tips from the Guaranteed Car Credit Experts at Carmax Finance, to wash your car using greener methods that you might not have considered:

  1. Avoid Run Off: It might be hard to imagine that by washing your car on a paved driveway you are harming the environment, but you are. The number one green method you can introduce to your car washing routine is to use any other surface then pavement to wash you car. You want to use a flat and permeable surface such as grass, dirt or gravel as it will absorb the run off as opposed to going down the storm drains. This is even more important when using chemical based cleaners (which you shouldn’t be using to begin with) as they will be damaging once the run off hits the sewers. Grass and soil will break down the dangerous compounds left behind from your washing.
  2. DIY Car Wash: Choosing to wash your car on your own in itself is a greener method. It will cut down on the amount of run off that is being sent down to the local water treatment plant, especially if you avoid washing your car on the pavement. It is also less expensive and uses far less water than one of those automated car washes. You can also make the choice to use biodegradable dish soap which will work wonderfully. The chemicals used in the drive through automated car washes are very harsh and can cause a lot of damage to the environment. If your car is your baby it might be hard to avoid using car wax to keep her shining. You can consider using a home made wax or shop for eco-friendly products to do the job. To get the most out of your car wax it is always best to stay in the shade working on very small sections at a time. This allows you to work smarter not harder as it takes a lot of elbow grease to wax a car.
  3. Don’t Use Water: Yes. It might seem impossible to wash something without using water but it is in fact quite possible. You can shop online for waterless car cleaning products or check out your local shops. Using an effective wash cloth such as microfiber cloths will help get the more stubborn dirt off your car. You will actually require quite a few cloths to get the job done and you can consider using washable, reusable cloths if you like. If it just doesn’t seem plausible to avoid using water than opt for a bucket of water as opposed to a hose. You will keep the water contained and then you can empty it into your yard as opposed to letting the water run off down the street with a hose. You will also use less water than a hose.

Using a DIY car wash will keep your car clean and shiny without harming the environment. You car will look good and so will you.

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