Traveling and trend of automobiles in 2017

auto trends 2017

The auto industry is one of the first places for new technologies to emerge. Over the years, we’ve seen many new trends emerge in the auto industry, despite the setback to its growth almost a decade back. Here we describe the top 6 trends that were witnessed in the auto industry in 2017.

  1. Augmented reality

If you thought virtual reality was high tech, it’s time to wake up to augmented reality. In the near future, cars will come equipped with augmented reality features that will help drivers locate the nearest car repair shops. Engineers also believe that augmented reality could have applications in car repair and prototyping for new models.

  1. 3D printing

3D printing is another technology that smashed the auto industry in 2017, with promises to revolutionize the way auto manufacturing is done. Everybody already knows what 3D printing is and how it makes low-cost production a reality. What everybody did not know and learned in 2017 is that 3D printing could enable us to simply discard a damaged car body and 3D-print a new one to be installed over the current chassis. Railroad law firm Pottroff&Karlin believe this could even alter the way accident claims are processed in the future.

  1. Autonomous driving

This is another trend that has been making the rounds of car shows and high-tech events for some years now. 2017 saw some important advancements in autonomous driving including self-parking and cruise control. In fact, we could see the first mass produced cars on the road as early as 2021. Once the legal issues of driverless cars are out of the way, we will see a lot more acceptance for this technology.

  1. Increased collaboration

Technology is a great enabler of collaboration. In 2017, we saw some winds of change as far as collaboration between auto manufacturers is concerned. According to experts, manufacturers will increase their presence in the auto leasing and dealership market in order to reach out to new consumer segments that value car sharing over car ownership.

  1. App orientation

While Millennials are more geared towards car or ride sharing, those who want to purchase their own cars are increasingly interested in digital functionality. A wide range of apps will become a mandatory feature for auto makers looking to entice this growing segment of the market. Technologies like rear cameras and Wi-Fi hotspots will become mere staples in cars of the future.

  1. Electric cars

Honestly, we’ve been hearing about electric vehicles overtaking fossil fuel-powered vehicles for many years now. Well, in 2017 we saw China taking some giant leaps towards making that a reality. Sales of electric cars in China grew by more than 100% over the previous year, indicating that people’s appetite for electric cars is real. Will other countries be able to replicate the success?

If these indications are anything to go by, the auto industry is on the verge of a technology revolution. Everything from marketing to manufacturing and retail will be altered dramatically. And we’re just too excited to be part of this revolution.

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