What to Do if You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

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Putting the wrong fuel in your car falls down to a few reasons; a sudden lapse in concentration, or simply force of habit following a recent switch of vehicles on your part. Nonetheless, it’s easily done and unfortunately, it can happen to anyone at any time, which is why we’ve put together some tips to consider when you’re in this situation.

#1. What Happens to Your Car?

Diesel and petrol combust in different ways, petrol burns hotter than diesel so a diesel engine wouldn’t ignite petrol correctly, leaving residue in the cylinders. Diesel will cause issues in the petrol injector modules, the exhaust system and other areas.

More often than not, most people assume that misfuelling can easily be fixed, but sometimes that’s not the case. It all depends on what type of fuel your car is required to run on, whether it be petrol or diesel, or even something else for that matter. Though the damage of fuelling your diesel car with petrol is much more than it would be the other way around, and usually, it means you’d have to replace the engine if you turned the car on.

#2. What You Should Do

Whether you drive a diesel orpetrol-powered car,if you’ve fuelled incorrectly then you need to act straight away to save yourself money in this situation, you should begin with the following:

·         Remove your keys from the ignition and don’t start your car for any reason – if you do this, your car will be left with permanent damage and you’ll find yourself with a costly repair bill.

·         Try to find somewhere safe to stay and put your car in neutral. But, if you’re still at the petrol station, ask someone to help push your car to a safe place.

·         Most insurance companies won’t cover misfuelling, luckily there are many private companies who will flush your engine!

#3. How to Prevent Misfuelling

Putting the right fuel in your car’s tank isn’t just a matter of common sense, it requires you to have a clear mind and focus completely on what it is that you’re doing. While it’s a frequent mistake that all of us make from time to time, there are a few things to consider when refuelling your car in the future:

·         The colour of the fuel hose or nozzle isn’t enough to indicate which fuel it offers. Read the label on the trigger before fuelling up, otherwise, the mistake of misfuelling could happen again in a careless situation.

·         If you made the mistake of misfuelling in the past, then it’s always a good idea to leave little reminders around your car to help you remember which fuel to use.

·         When at a petrol station, cut out all distractions and focus your attention on the fuel hose and whether the nozzle you have picked up is the right one.

·         If you’re in a rush, you’re hungry, stressed or tired, then perhaps wait until you are in a much better state of mind to refuel. Otherwise, mistakes may happen.


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